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As a news and media junkie, I realize there’s a ton of information to absorb out there on the internet, and the amount of effort it takes to find the sources that you have come to rely on. Even for the smaller news niche of the filmmaker, there are a considerable amount of websites to choose from that offer reporting on film culture. As the Founder and Editor of THE POST LAB, it’s been my hope to present engaging and informative articles that cover the technological and post production aspects of making a film, often thought of as the less glamorous part of the process, yet integral to fulfilling the creative vision of the director. In addition to bridging the creative with the technical, as a filmmaker myself, I also believe it’s important to consider how future content will be recorded and distributed, which is why you will also find relevant articles on innovations that are changing how we make and receive content.

This weekend marked the 6-month anniversary of the creation of THE POST LAB. To date, we’ve received some great compliments by producers, directors, editors, colorists, sound designers, film organizations, and others serving the independent film community, which make us believe we are on the right track. But in order for us to become a trusted source amongst the other filmmaker sites you’ve already bookmarked, it’s time we throw some questions out to you, our readers, and ask:

• What content are you interested in reading about that you can’t find anywhere else?

• What kind of information would be important to you that you’d like to learn about?

• Is there one discipline that you are specifically interested in more than others? (Cinematography, color grading, audio post production, visual effects, legal issues, etc.)

What would make THE POST LAB a site you would visit on a regular basis?

Please take one minute to tell us your thoughts below in our comment section. We appreciate your input because we truly want to provide the most useful information possible. Thanks!

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  1. A refined and moderately detailed list of the post-production pipeline would be an asset to most independent productions. A crude diagram outlining a specified post-production work flow through to a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) or other deliverable would be a very useful tool for most aspiring and professional film disciplines.

    I’ll continue to visit the The Post Lab on a regular basis because of the quality, clarity and insightful posts.

  2. Chris J. Russo says:

    Thanks for taking a minute to let us know, JT! Workflow diagrams have been a part of the master plan, with an area on the site for others to upload their own. I’m on it!!!

  3. Mike Burton says:

    I’d love to see a follow up article on the P3 colorspace for Pitch Perfect and final deliverables discussing trim passes for the multiple delivery formats. Specifically, I’d like to hear how you are using LUT’s to convert from RGB to XYZ and how you are monitoring P3 on a standard monitor that is not P3 native like the DCI projector. Cool site, thanks!

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