“Chris Russo is not only a pleasure to work with but the type of person you hire to make every problem go away and keep on top of an overwhelming amount of information and logistics. Reliable, talented, highly intelligent, charismatic, detail-oriented, hard-working and honest, Chris produces results and keeps every single one of my projects on track. You cannot go wrong!” Pavlina Hatoupis, Producer, Jewtopia 

“As a post production consultant, Chris has been an invaluable advocate for my film (and my sanity!) during a stressful preproduction, with expert and precise knowledge. She’s extremely thorough, hunts down answers with tenacity, and she does all that while being warm, encouraging, reliable, and constantly on top of things. Hiring her was one of the single best decisions I could’ve made for my film!” Marcelo Mitnik, Writer-Director, In The Clouds

“Chris is the perfect balance of knowledge, calm and resolve. Her stewardship on LOVE OR WHATEVER saved us time and money again and again. We were lucky to find such a gem.” Rosser Goodman, Director-Producer, Love or Whatever