Your project has just been green-lit and you’re moving fast and furiously into pre-production. You’re comparing the Alexa to the Red Epic, even though it has been your life long dream to shoot on film, and you need a cost analysis for all three. Or maybe you’ve already decided on an acquisition format and are just trying to figure out your workflow. Your producer knows a little bit about post production, but needs help putting together a realistic budget and lining up vendors. With the number of post facilities available to filmmakers today, how do you know which one is the right one for your project? These are just a few examples of how THE POST LAB can help.
      • The plans are structured to be the most cost-effective for independent feature filmmakers, but can be customized to your individualized needs.
      • Committed to providing the best experience possible, it you’re not completely satisfied, The Post Lab offers a money-back guarantee.
      • Feel free to call 310.571.8230 xtn 121 or email for a free consultation.


An in-person, phone or Skype session to go over the details of your project and strategize the best approach to your post-production pipeline. We can talk cameras, workflow, vendors, deliverables, and can answer any questions you have that relate to post-production on your project. By the end of the session you will have a handful of strategies to choose from to implement for your project.


THE POST LAB can help you define a workflow, do a cost analysis, and go over the options you’ll have to finish and deliver your film. Together, we’ll decide which post-production vendors make sense for your project and lock in costs so that you know just how much you’ll need in your post budget to deliver your film. Workflow outline and detailed post production budget customized for your project is included.


This includes a Workflow Strategy Session, Workflow & Budget Session, and the tools you’ll need to organize the post-production schedule for your project. An ideal plan for filmmakers wanting to put in realistic numbers for your budget, and see exactly how long it will take you to deliver your feature film. THE POST LAB will provide you with an extremely thorough plan that you can personally use to confidently oversee post-production on your own.


Based on your overall film budget, we’ll determine a fee for Post Production Supervisor services on your project. Hiring a Post Production Supervisor takes all the pressure off and gives you the time to focus on things you do best. A Post Production Supervisor is a hands-on role, and would ideally come on board during pre-production to help define the workflow. The Post Supervisor will oversee everything related to post production and will manage the pipeline all the way through delivery.


If you are looking for guidance on a few things here and there, we would be happy to consult with you on an hourly basis to meet your specific needs @ $100/hr.