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Reed Morano's "For Ellen"

Reed Morano’s, For Ellen

Here at THE POST LAB, we aim to provide information about production and post-production workflow that we believe begins with the cinematographer. The director of photography weighs in on the very first decision that determines the entire pipeline of a project —which camera will he or she use to shoot this story? Today, indieWIRE published a really interesting article,”On the Rise ’12: 5 Cinematographers Lighting Up Screens in Recent Years,” which highlights 5 rising cinematographer stars — Mihai Malamaire Jr, Thomas Townend, Luc Montpellier, Reed Morano, and Matyas Erdelywhose — whose most distinctive work has been shot on film. Long live celluloid! Here is an excerpt from the article:

“Following our looks at actors, actresses, screenwriters and directors to watch in recent months, when the time came to put together a list of cinematographers (as we did two years ago), we went in with an open mind. But what was interesting is realizing, after the fact, that in an era where 35mm film is allegedly being phased out, that all five have done perhaps their most distinctive work on old-fashioned celluloid, rather than digital.  All have worked in digital of course, at least in the commercial world, and some have done hugely impressive work on new formats. But most of our five are fierce advocates for good ‘ol 35mm, and it’s another sign that the death knell shouldn’t be rung for the old ways just yet. As long as there are talented DoPs like the ones below, and on the following pages, working closely with filmmakers like Paul Thomas Anderson, Joe Cornish and Gerardo Naranjo, we should hopefully be seeing film on screen for a long time to come.”

INDIEWIRERead the article at indieWIRE


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