Chris J. Russo, Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Chris has been living and breathing independent film for as long as she can remember. At the early age of 10 years old, she began making home movies with one of the first Panasonic consumer video cameras on the market, and went on to study photography in college and film in graduate school. In 2000, Chris moved to Hollywood to work for Kodak, and enjoyed a professional career consulting with cinematographers, producers, directors, studio execs and indie filmmakers on hundreds of TV and feature productions from Hollywood to Hawaii to Utah to the Pacific Northwest. As a Rep for Kodak, she worked closely with some of the world’s preeminent cinematographers and quickly became a trusted partner within the cinematography community.

As the industry migrated from film to digital capture, Chris saw an opportunity to move into the world of post production and apply her technical knowledge to help the same client base she had been working with for years, now as a Post Production Supervisor. She has several feature credits to her name and the list is growing. Chris’s specialty is bridging the creative and technical processes of filmmaking with the business side of things, which gave her the inspiration to create THE POST LAB. Her vision of the site is to educate and offer cost-efficient post solutions and strategies, to bring together the artistic and technical discussions in post production, and to connect filmmakers with like-minded industry partners who share a mutual commitment to independent film. In between projects, she continues to write and direct her own award-winning films that have screened at festivals all over the world, including Sundance, and aired on IFC, PBS, and Showtime. When not immersed in the business of film, Chris can be found climbing 14ers, cycling centuries and catching waves.